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Peak Performance
Sports Chiropractic & Rehab

Proudly Serving Riverview, FL 

We are here to get you back in the game, feeling your best! No matter if you are a high end athlete with nagging injuries or a desk worker fighting daily aches and pains. We have the answers and will build a plan specifically designed for you! We make sure your body is moving optimally ensuring you are living your highest quality of life.  We are not your typical chiropractor. Try us today to see the difference!

Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

Our 3 Phase Process 


Phase 1: Pain Relief

Examine the area of pain, discover what factors are causing your discomfort, and combine movement and manual therapy to eliminate the pain.


Phase 2: Mobility

Identify which joints and muscles are stiff, tight, or not moving well and restore proper range of motion through chiropractic care, soft tissue therapy, stretching, scraping, and more.


Phase 3: Stability

Establish proper muscle activation around the joint and strengthen these patterns through specific movements

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Sports Injury, sports chiropractic
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Mobile Care

Dr. Rogers brings his mobile services to your home or office to address any aches or pains you may have!

Sports Chiropractic

We help you come back from injury, move well, and perform better. During your visit we will assess and diagnose you to provide the most comprehensive movement and manual therapy based care.

Treatment & Therapy

Some of our most commonly utilized tools include: chiropractic adjustments, functional movement rehabilitation, active release, instrument assisted soft tissue massage, cupping, rocktape, and strength development.

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About Dr. Kenneth Rogers

Dr. Rogers prides himself on being an evidence-based practitioner and providing individualized high quality care. He has obtained the postgraduate designation of Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® (CCSP®) by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians™ (ACBSP™). Additionally, Dr. Rogers has his CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) through the NSCA and is the former strength and conditioning coach for the Holt High School football program.

 He attended Central Michigan University (Fire up Chips!) where he received his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. During his time at CMU he played Division 1 football, playing right guard on the offensive line. After graduating from CMU he continued on to Logan University where he earned his master’s degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation and Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Dr. Rogers has completed multiple continuing education courses focusing on human performance and rehabilitation such as: ART (Active Release Technique), MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy), SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment), DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization), and multiple other rehabilitation systems.

Do You Take Insurance? 

  • No. Insurance companies prioritize profits over patients, this forces providers to give less care and more visits. We refuse to accepts this model: we are going to provide you THE BEST possible care in the least number of visits necessary, while teaching you what you need to do on your own to achieve real, long lasting results.

  • Our goal is not only treat you, but teach you why you’re in pain and empower you with the knowledge and ability to take back control of you health and wellness

What Patients Are Saying: 

Wonderful experience. Dr. Rogers is amazing. It's so great to get proper assessments and care being mobile especially for athletes!! My son had a back injury from a bad hit during his football game and Dr. Rogers was able to come to our home on Sat to help him. He spent a very good amount of time assessing and treating him and then even more time working with him on the physical therapies he'd need to continue doing to help the healing process more, as well as some very light cupping for circulation and some soft tissue work. He followed up with an extremely detailed report of assessment and adjustments done, diagnosis and thorough explanation of each physical therapy exercise to continue.

So glad to have found him. Can't recommend highly enough!! Wonderful to have on top of chiropractic care, someone also have a masters in sports medicine. Perfect combo! Professional, kind, patient and thorough. Wonderful care and treatment plan. Convenient and mobile is the cherry on top!

- Beth 

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